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America and the Shift in Ages : An Interview with Jungian James Hillman.

By Pythia Peay
Huffingtonpost, The Blog
Feb 26, 2011, updated Nov 17, 2011
James Hillman — psychologist, scholar, culture critic, and author of more than 20 books, including the bestselling “The Soul’s Code” — is one of the modern era’s most original thinkers on the human and collective psyche.

Now approaching his 85th birthday, I spoke with Hillman as he was recuperating from two years of illness.
It’s a new life, he told me. A lot of reflection instead of ambition.

The American psyche has always stoked Hillman’s reflections; the following is the second half of an edited version of our conversation on the current zeitgeist.

Pythia Peay
Interview with Jungian James Hillman

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